Was Billy’s Pass Forward?

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It was into the 80th minute and England’s loss was all but official. However they still had one last chance to narrow the losing margin when Billy Twelvetrees put Jack Nowell in at the corner. Unfortunately for England the pass was deemed forward by referee Craig Joubert and the final whistle was blown immediately.

On a second look though, do you think it actually was a forward pass? The ball definitely travels forward, but does the ball come out of Billy’s hands backwards (if that’s the case then the pass is legal)? From the camera angle shown at least, it seems worthy of calling on the television official. What do you think?

  1. It seems academic since, even if it had been awarded, it would not have changed the outcome. From this angle it’s virtually impossible to tell. The ref. was in a better position to make the call and his decision was instant and unequivocal, which is good enough for me. Forward pass: no try!

  2. omg I thought he was playing American football it was that forward. If the hands go back its not forward. However I thought he was playing at quarterback

  3. The call was spot on from Craig Joubert. The ball leaves Twelvetrees hands from bang in the centre of the rolled pattern in the grass. The ball reaches Nowell about 0.5 metres from the 5m line. Simple maths tells us that as each cut / rolled square is 5m x 5m, and Twelvetrees throws from the centre 2.5 metres short of the 5m line, and Nowell receives 0.5 metres from the 5m line, then the pass must have been 2 metres forward. Case closed.

  4. I thought ref was a bit on the Irish side through out the game but this took the biscuit, my man jack scored a super try, why didn’t capt ask for fourth official

  5. Craig Joubert obviously believed it was forward, and he was obviously confident enough in his decision to not need it confirmed. Should we not allow referees do what they’re paid to do?

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