Finally, the wait is over. 


Ladies and gentlemen, we give to you The NEW AND IMPROVED Official Rugby Banter Page website.


 Quite like our Facebook page we will run the website in a light hearted fashion, posting memes, offering opinions and interacting with you, our fans. It seems almost clichéd to say it, but you, the fans, are the lifeblood of the page, we would have nothing without you and we would like to thank you for your cooperation both in the past and hopefully in the future. Each day, like on the Facebook page, will be dedicated to a certain facet of the glorious game that is rugby union. A new feature of the site, though, will be blog posts. We will be looking for our fans to contribute pieces for the site, so we can get a perspective from different rugby nations and also give aspiring journalists a platform to voice their views to a wide audience. 


 Remember, this is YOUR page. We are only the custodians and, with that in mind, you can contact us directly through our facebook page with any queries, suggestions etc. 


 Finally, remember our motto, we came to ruck sh*t up. Live it, breathe it, because we do


 Looking forward to more banter,



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