RWC jerseys so far

With the much anticipated Rugby World Cup around the corner, we take a look at the good, the bad & the ugly of World Cup jerseys with our definitive rankings.

England – RBP ranking 7/10

Where better to start than with the hosts of this year’s competition. It’s an England jersey, it’s white, no complaints. Canterbury kept the design simple and classy. As for the alternate kit, let’s just say it looks more like a West Eng… I mean Wales jersey but can’t fault the design once again.


South Africa – RBP ranking 5/10

Asics have really pushed on as a rugby brand in recent years but there’s a lot left to be desired with their Sprinbok kits for the World Cup. Football-esque styled jerseys with the Springbok now moved to the sleeve it hasn’t gone down as the most popular kit so far. The alternate kit is a carbon copy of the Wallabies alternate kit which you will see below, lazy from Asics.


New Zealand – RBP ranking 8/10

What’s not to love about the iconic All Black kit? Guaranteed to reek of class every time with little room for error with the simple design.The jersey  features subtle design changes from previous versions. There is a “leather yoke” design on the chest and shoulders which draws inspiration from the 1905 Originals team who lost only one game in their 35 match tour. It is expected they will wear the alternate jersey which was revealed earlier in the year and is absolutely gorgeous, bravo Adidas.


Canada – RBP ranking 4/10

Disappointing work from usually impressive Under Armour, let’s hope big things are to come with the yet to be released Welsh kit to make up for this rather lazy attempt. Nothing flashy, nothing impressive…


Ireland – RBP ranking 6/10

Well, it’s green. Another simple design that there’s little to be said about. Canterbury have made a brave call with the alternate shirt though with the predominantly black jersey, something unusual for Ireland. Could be said to resemble a training kit but is satisfactory all the same. At least Sean O’Brien looks snug in the home jersey..


Australia – RBP ranking 5/10

An inverted home Springbok jersey, with an identical twin alternate jersey of the Springbok one. Hasn’t gone down well with most Wallaby fans due to the questionable ”canary yellow” instead of gold on the home kit. Meh

Japan – RBP ranking 7/10

Ireland fans must feel hard done by when Canterbury could turn such simplicity into beauty for Japan. The home jersey does resemble a candy cane but we still love it. And what’s not to love about the white & gold away jersey… sorry that was terrible, no more jokes. 

Namibia – RBP rankings 4/10

Here we have Saracens tough man Jacques Burger modelling the home Namibia kit for the World Cup. Thumbs up on the home jersey from RBP but the alternate kit resembles a spider man jumpsuit. Minus points for the alternate kit.


Scotland – RBP ranking 9/10

Macron have hit the nail on the head with this one, who knew tartan could be so beautiful. Rugby jerseys with an old school collar are always a winner and these two jerseys are a thing of beauty.

Fiji – RBP ranking 7/10

Oops! We nearly forgot about BLK. First up is Fiji, keeping it clean with their white and black home jersey. But my word, the Fiji alternate kit is a thing of beauty and it’s a pity we won’t see them don it opening game against England after winning the coin toss and opting to play as the home team in the tournament opener.


USA – RBP ranking – 4/10

What is there to say, american jerseys can go one way or the other. Fantastic or look like a walking stars and stripes tribute. So yeah, ‘Murica!



Samoa – RBP ranking 7/10

Samoa’s alternate jersey is spot on, the tribal design really gives the kit an impressive look. The home jersey is rather average and looks like something out of transformers.



Romania – RBP ranking 7/10

Put on your sunglasses lads, this is one hell of a bright jersey. The sunshine soaked BLK kit is a winner though with their unique prints on the front of jersey.



Uruguay – RBP ranking 2/10

The less said about this the better, come on Kooga. You’re better than that.



Italy – RBP ranking 5/10

This jersey is missing the iconic 3 stripes of Adidas. Smart and simple, yet feels like a lot more could have been done with this blue canvas.


Argentina – RBP ranking 10/10

Last but not least. We saved these little beauties for you guys until the end. As Nike appear to take the back seat in the world of rugby they still have managed to produce these gems for Los Pumas. The away jersey is nothing short of perfection and I’m sure we’ll get our hands on one in the RBP office in the coming months.

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